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Collecting and monitoring sales and financial information from franchisees is an ongoing challenge for most franchisors. That’s why ProfitKeeper includes a robust reporting solution that eliminates the hassles that frustrate franchisees and franchisors alike. With automated reports, customized entry screens, timelines and due date reminders, ProfitKeeper makes it easier for franchisors to get the timely and consistent information they need from every franchisee.


Business Reporter collects critical data, such as key performance indicators, counts, amounts or other benchmarks and measurements as specified by the franchisor to help monitor operational activities. Franchisees receive email notifications to remind them of reporting deadlines.

Sales Reporter collects monthly sales and gross revenue numbers from franchisees, and then automatically calculates royalties and advertising fees that are due to the franchisor. With this information, franchisors can better manage fee collections and track system-wide performance against goals.

Financial Reporter collects financial statement detail from franchisees not using one of ProfitKeeper’s accounting services. This tool helps ensure that all franchisee financial statement information is aggregated and used to establish operational benchmarks and standards. Financial Reporter ensures that franchisors can monitor system-wide performance and identify areas to help franchisees increase their profitability.


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