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ProfitPortal gives franchisors easy access to the financial data and reports they need to better manage and maintain operational efficiency. Dashboards and reports are configured and customized to meet specific organization needs. Franchisors can view aggregated data from across the organization, updated in real-time and displayed in a variety of charts, graphs and reports. Snapshot data can be pulled for individual franchise locations and compared to surrounding areas or the entire organization.

A sample of the reports and graphs available to franchisors on PorfitPortal is shown below. To see more please schedule a demo.



Dashboard (above) displays average sales, operating costs, and profit by month and year. Running 12 month averages give franchisors an at-a-glance update on how they are tracking against goals.


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Aggregated franchise-level data can be displayed in a number of comparative reports and graphs (shown above). Franchisors can compare sales and costs for a single franchise or group of franchises against the national averages and quickly identify issues for corrective action.


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Franchisors can also track and compare operating profit or the range of additional profits (above) for individual franchises or specified groups to other groups or the national average, and help franchisees capitalize on opportunities to increase their profits.



A comprehensive reporting function allows franchisors to create or view a variety of sales, ranking, or financial statement reports (as shown above).



Franchisors can monitor the status of required reports, and follow up with franchisees that are delinquent in their submissions.

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