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Additional Services

ProfitKeeper aims to simplify all aspects of financial management for franchise owners and make it easier for them to focus on building their business. That’s why we’ve identified reliable providers for additional services franchisees may need, including tax, accounting and payroll. For an additional fee, franchisees can choose to add any or all of these services to their account subscription, and enjoy the ease and convenience of outsourcing to a trusted and proven provider.


ProfitKeeper has contracted with national and regional CPA firms to offer cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our users. Most tax services are provided on a flat monthly or annual rate and include sales tax compliance and audits, federal and state income tax compliance and audits, other tax compliance, such as personal property taxes, tax planning, and business valuation, acquisition or disposition consulting services.


ProfitKeeper has contracted with a global finance and accounting firm to provide accounting services to our users. Users submit documents, track the status of work, and approve payments and review results and comparatives with ProfitKeeper. Service level agreements insure the timeliness and accuracy of the work being performed. Accounting service options may be all inclusive, performing all accounting activities, or ala care, such as reconciling a single bank statement and may be subscribed to on a recurring basis or just used to help you get caught up.


ProfitKeeper has contracted with a national payroll provider to offer complete payroll services to its users. Payroll services may include setup, payroll entry and processing, tax reporting and payments, and electronic or paper check payment options. Users may control payroll costs by utilizing electronic payment options and online entry of payroll detail. Payroll detail is automatically uploaded into ProfitKeeper to save time and eliminate entry errors.


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